NanoDynamics, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Delaware in 1988 to develop and commercialize an x-ray microscope to view biochemical activities live at the molecular level. The company added “88” to its name in August, 2004 in order to avoid confusion. The company is also known as NanoD. The x-ray microscope makes use of an exceedingly efficient x-ray generator as compared to conventional x-ray tubes, and the x-ray generator is commercially produced to serve material evaluations and medical applications.

In 1993, the company incorporated a second area of nano-technology, the silicon-based superlattice proposed by R. Tsu. Superlattice and quantum well as proposed by Esaki and Tsu in 1969, makes use of man-made compound semiconductors such as GaAs, and the concept has developed into an exceedingly fertile field with 15,000 publications and 2,000 patents. Nevertheless, without the benefits of silicon processing that has powered Moore’s law of exponential advancement, devices made from the superlattice usually cannot compete effectively against silicon devices. By extending the man-made compounds to a silicon-based material and using silicon processing, the silicon-based superlattice can expand the realm of silicon technology to include high temperature semiconductors and epitaxial insulators. Wide bandgap materials and bandgap engineered optoelectronics can now be fabricated under silicon processing technologies.

Since 1993, after many rounds of small business innovative research (SBIR) Phases I, II and III awards and contracts, mostly by the Department of Defense, the silicon-based superlattice has become sufficiently matured to provide several new silicon materials for high temperature devices and high insulating barriers.

NanoD is collaborating with DoD agencies, defense contractors, and other commercial entities to produce x-ray instrument and nano-electronic materials. The company has a very dedicated technical team and is led by a highly distinguished board. The company operates laboratories in New York and works with several laboratories in other states. The company is an equal opportunity employer and is currently recruiting technical staff and professional managers (see