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Compass of an Inventor

by Chia-Gee Wang

(president and founder, NanoDynamics)

Part One
My Training and Academic Background

Chapter 1 Academic training in Astrophysics.
Simple Tech Innovations:
Limiting Mass of Neutron Star (Minimum and Maximum)
Hawking's Radiation and Gamma Ray Burst
Big Bang Expansion and Solar Wind Acceleration

Part Two
Some Technical Innovations with Large Markets

Chapter 2 Computational Mathematics and Stories from Gus Kinzel
Simple Tech Innovations:
Difference Equation for Differential Equation
Bethe-Goldstone Equation
Monte Carlo Data Manipulations

Chapter 3 Stable Isotope Enrichment
Simple Tech Innovations:
Solar Wind Time-of-Flight Separations
Ventilated Turbine Blade Separation
Supersonic Fluid Separation

Chapter 4 High Temperature Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Simple Tech Innovations:
Silicon Carbide Superlattice SiC
Semiconductor on epi-Insulator SOeI
Si/C as Substrate for GaN
Si/C, Si/CO, and Si/O for High T Solar Cells
Epi-Insulator for High and for Low Dielectric Constant

Chapter 5 Integrated Clean Energy and Climate Change
Simple Tech Innovations:
High T Solar Cell Coupled with Quantum Wells
Si/C Superlattice for Lithium Battery Anode

Chapter 6 X-ray Microscope, X-ray Immunoassays, and the NanoRay X-ray Generator
Simple Tech Innovations:
X-Ray Microscope
Low Dose Mammography
Solid Phase Amplifications for Immunoassays
High Power, High Efficiency X-Ray Generator
Bandgap Cascade Cold Cathode

Part Three
Some Practical Methods/Procedures for Disease Management

Chapter 7 Magnetic Resonance and A Simple Tech for Smart Drug Development
Simple Tech Innovations:
Spin1/2 Isotopes for fMRI
Phase III Clinical Trials with Phase I and II Costs

Chapter 8  My Allergy and Macula Degeneration
Simple Tech Innovations:
The Development of Myopia in Youth
Macula Degenerate, Wet and Dry Kinds

 Chapter 9  Type II and Type III Diabetes
Simple Tech Innovations: Type II Diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease
Beta-Amyloid as Diagnostic as well as a Therapeutic Vehicle
Pulsed Insulin for the Liver Uptake

Chapter 10  Three Smart Chemotherapies
Simple Tech Innovations:
Nuclear Chemotherapy - Smart Chemo I
G0 Gated Cell Cycle for Chemo - Smart Chemo II
Lysosome-based Localized Chemo - Smart Chemo III
Summary of Simple Tech Innovations

General KeyWords:
S. Chandrasekhar, Chandra X-Ray Observatory, Fermi Gamma Ray Observatory, Pioneer Satellites, Yerkes Laboratory,
Lake Geneva, University of Chicago, New Asia College, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Tang Chen-i, Buhdda Philosophy,
Causality in Time-Space, Manhattan Project, Nuclear Chain Reaction, Main-Sequence Star, Red Giant,
White Dwarf Mass Limit, Neutron Star Mass Limit, Collapsar, Black Hole, Hawking Radiation, Gamma-Ray Burst,
Quantum Energy in Black Hole, General Relativity Confinement, Big Bang, Accelerating Expansion, Cosmologic Yardstick,
Type 1a Supernova, Crab Nubulae, Milky Way Galaxy,

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